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Nietzsche in A Painting

December 18, 2006

Nietzsche In A Painting is the picture currently on the main page. I painted it in oils and used GIMP to edit it. Below is a list of different parts of the image and what that bit refers to in Nietzsche's philosophy, with extra thoughts and connections in italics.

The Parts in bold describe the part of the Image

Written without bold or italics is the Concept in Nietzsche as I interpret it that that part of the image represents.

In Italics are any Other links I've made

Circular composition; Eternal Recurrence as singularity Mandalas

Blank paper in background Apollonian image growing from Dionysian Reference to Process of creation, birth of world from void.

Tree, leaves on branch, roots in blood Growth of new from old/dead, Apollonian born from Dionysian. World tree

Blood ‘God is Dead’, past feeding present. Menstrual blood; although figure is male, it could be female

Red Sash / Osiris Biting the head from the snake; facing the sublime. Dismemberment and reforming, eternal recurrence. Sacrifice

Red frame around figure / Vulva / Sheila Na Gig Apollonian birthed from Dionysian, delight in acceptance of Dionysian

Blue Face / Shape of Red Headress / Virgin Mary / Whore of...

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